CargoTel is focused on the operational aspects of transportation management, which covers everything from initial order entry through the invoice process (A/R) and the payment process (A/P). We do not offer a General Ledger, nor do we have any future plans to do so.

We have found that the vast majority of clients wish to use an existing or new off-the-shelf commercial accounting package. Thus, we offer the ability to interface directly to various general ledger systems. CargoTel provides a generic interface for A/R and A/P, which includes driver pay/settlement processing and/or carrier bill processing. At the present time, we have stock interfaces to Quickbooks Pro and Enterprise versions, Acuity, MAS 90 / MAS 200, and Great Plains. We will also build custom interfaces to the commercial accounting application of your choosing.

Here is some more information on our accounting process:


Customers can choose whether to invoice using CargoTel’s billing system, or their own accounting system. More often than not, our clients prefer our invoicing process, which includes a very transportation-specific invoice document that is usually a vast improvement over stock accounting invoices.

Invoices can be sent by paper/mail or electronically with EDI. If you are doing business with OEM’s, in most cases they will require electronic invoices, with corresponding electronic payment vouchers. CargoTel can process them for you.

Various controls can be set so that only truly qualified invoices are processed. These controls include the following options of your choosing:

  • Bill upon pickup
  • Bill when delivered
  • Bill when delivery is confirmed
  • Bill when delivery documents are received
  • Bill to party must have approved credit
  • Bill singly, or with weekly/monthly billing statements

Our system allows you to process driver pay and carrier payments. This allows you to use the transit data in our system to automatically calculate, audit, and otherwise approve payments in a controlled manner prior to posting payables in your accounting package.

Driver Pay
  • Set up pay scales for different classes of drivers
  • Pay mechanism can be based on percent of revenue, miles, miles plus stop, etc.
  • Option to incorporate advances and other transactions electronically, via interface to card systems such as ComData
  • Set restrictions on which items qualify for payment, including delivery, documents received, etc.
  • Process payments based on defined pay periods, generate driver settlements
  • Automatically feed payment info to a payroll processing firm or accounting package
Carrier Pay
  • Audit payables vs. revenue, approve prior to posting to accounting
  • Set restrictions so that only qualified carrier invoices will be processed, including:
  • Pay if delivered
  • Pay if delivery documents are received
  • Pay only contracted amount, with override ability
  • Eliminate potential of double-pay for the same load/order Pay single or multiple vehicles/orders at a time
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