Our Yard and Inventory Management System (YMS) allows you to control vehicle inventory at the following types of locations:

  • Truck yards
  • Rail yards and processing facilities
  • Port processing facilities
  • Vehicle processing compounds and storage locations

YMS consists of a back-office application which handles inventory and process management and reporting, as well as our YMS Wireless application, which is an application designed for a wireless handset (smartphone or dedicated handheld scanner). Together, the result is a real-time management system that gives you a firm grasp of your past, present and future inventory. YMS can manage the following types of operations:

  • Inventory receipt, ins and outs
  • Release to truck or rail
  • Rail car loading
  • Truck loading
  • Additional services to be performed on vehicles (Upfit)
  • EDI, including ASN, release and status/inventory update
  • Status tracking, inventory by location, report writing
  • Billing
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