CargoTel’s support structure starts with the deployment process. In most cases, for TMS and YMS installations, on-site training by one of our experts insures that your team will get to know the ins and outs of the system, with valuable insight on proper usage and ideal business practices. SCS and minor installations are normally done remotely, with online training sessions.

Once your new system is installed, and your people are trained, we remain actively involved for the first several months to make sure that you have the knowledge needed to manage your operations. Additionally, we offer an online portal for each of your users to communicate directly with our support staff. This portal saves us both a lot of time, with the following features:

  • Support issues (tickets) are referred to the appropriate customer service personnel for quick handling and response
  • Each ticket automatically conveys your company name, user involved, the page or feature involved and other details needed to inform us of the nature of the problem
  • All tickets are time-stamped and tracked for prompt response and resolution
  • Each ticket has its own communication and status history for easy referral

We also offer follow-up training services over time. This is useful for those who have introduced new users or have added custom functionality for which additional training may be needed. 

If you’d like to contact our sales team about any support issues, we’ll be happy to look into it. Simply fill out the contact form on our Contact Page and one of our representatives will contact you.

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