Are you a vehicle transporter, broker or logistics company looking for a powerful new way to manage your operations?

CargoTel’s Automotive TMS is the solution for you.

It allows you to manage all of your transport, brokerage and logistics needs all within one application. We are experts in providing the information and management tools you need to streamline your operations. Here are some of the reasons why our software is the best-in-class solution you’ve been looking for:

  • Built-in EDI templates for all of the major automotive manufacturers in North America
  • Customizable dispatch screens to let you manage your operations more efficiently
  • Automated rating for customers, carriers and drivers
  • Integrated routing and mapping tools
  • Dozens of management screens and reports
  • Early Warning System provides pro-active information on problems before they become a crisis
  • Web-based user interface (UI) makes it easy for your employees to learn how to use the system
  • ASP model drastically reduces up-front expenditures on software, hardware and third-party licenses. We charge based on your usage of the system, on a monthly basis
  • Our system architecture accommodates enterprise level scalability and performance

Our services are offered in a manner that accommodates all segments, from the small carrier with a handful of trucks, to the transportation enterprise. This is because our system pricing model features the following:

  • Pay-As-You-Go. No mandatory long-term contracts. Our TMS application is based on a Pay-as-You-Go concept, without mandatory long-term contracts. (This is a minimal start-up fee based upon which tools you use and how they are set up and integrated.) You pay on a monthly basis and are charged only for system usage – if you don’t use it or your monthly volume is down, your monthly fees will be correspondingly lower.
  • No additional licensing fees. Integrated mapping and routing are included. • No scalability issues. Our application is a highly scalable and can easily handle the volume you generate today and tomorrow.
  • No hardware expenses – All you need is a reliable Internet connection.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our TMS system, you simply notify us that you will no longer be using it, and you won’t pay another dime for usage.

In addition, as a member of the CargoTel community, you become eligible to actively participate in our collaborative community, the CargoTel Network.

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