We offer two separate wireless applications: our Driver Wireless System, created for integration with vehicle transport and delivery operations, and our YMS Wireless System, which has been developed as a vital, integrated component of yard, inventory and compound management.

Our wireless systems take advantage of the latest technology available using rugged industrial devices and Smartphones. Both systems will work with consumer-grade Smartphones, though there are a few major advantages in deploying a rugged industrial device. We are currently deploying wireless applications using the Android OS, but we also are working on compatibility with the Apple iOS environment.

Driver Wireless System

This system works hand-in-hand with our TMS product.  For large fleets, it may also be purchased as a stand-alone product, and integrated with your existing (non-CargoTel) transport management system. Key features include:

  • Drivers receive dispatch and load information
  • Update the status of shipments (including bar code scan)
  • Receive load routing and GPS mapping
  • GPS based location updates sent to TMS
  • Scan and read barcodes from documents or vehicles
  • Detailed inspections, with templates for new or used car deliveries
  • Integrated photo capture, tied to damage/inspection entries
  • Electronic signatures and Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
  • Full integration of all real-time activities with TMS
  • (Optional) Show pay for independent owner-operators
  • (Optional) Can be configured to print documents (POD) to a mobile printer

See the slideshow for featured screenshots of our Driver Wireless System.

Driver Wireless System Slideshow

Click the screenshot below to view screenshots of our Driver Wireless System.

Receive dispatch and load information
Receive dispatch and load information
Receive dispatch and load information
Handset integration for phone, messaging and email
Handset integration for phone, messaging and email
Update status & GPS data of shipments, plus barcode scan
Receive load routing and GPS mapping
Detailed inspection templates for new or used car data
Integrated photo capture, tied to inspection entries
Electronic signatures and Proof of Delivery

YMS Wireless System

Our YMS Wireless application is a vital component of yard and inventory management, and offers the following key features:

  • Receipt of vehicle via port, rail or truck (including bar code scan)
  • Move or reposition to another yard or location under your control
  • Upfit:  perform additional services, especially for compounds
  • Task management
  • Inspections, with templates for new or used cars
  • Release of vehicle via:
  • Truck (internal company truck or 3rd party)
  • Rail, including Rail Car loading and unloading

Hardware Recommendations

Although our wireless applications will work well on consumer grade devices, there are several important considerations to be made when choosing your device.

Consumer-grade devices
  • Low cost but easy to break, especially in an industrial environment. Does not offer an integrated bar code reader, but instead relies on the device’s camera to scan VINs.
  • Typically have a less powerful battery and antenna than an industrial device.
  • For the consumer market, Android puts out numerous updates to its OS.  These can interfere with the proper operation of your device, especially if those updates result in changes to required device settings.  On the other hand, industrial devices tend to standardize on a very stable version of Android, and any updates to that are generally minor.  

Recommendation: Android OS smartphones or tablets

Industrial devices
  • Robust battery and antenna, rugged case (can be up to military spec), integrated bar code reader (1D or 2D, with RFID option).
  • Tend to be more expensive (10 to 30 percent) than consumer-grade devices, but better suited for industrial use.

Recommendation:  Motorola/Symbol/Zebra devices for hand held computing, which includes smartphone and tablet form factors

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