All you need is internet access!

CargoTel’s Select Carrier System (SCS) is specifically designed for carriers and brokers who do not need all of the features of our Automotive TMS. The SCS offers all of the main tools of our TMS, but in a simplified format that’s easier to use.

If you have:

  • previously considered a TMS, but either could not afford it or did not have the volume or need for all of its features
  • a need to improve the management and communications of your operation, but at the same time are very budget – conscious

Then SCS was made for you!

You get all of these powerful system features:

  • Integrated Routing and Mapping
  • Integrated VIN decoder
  • Create orders, view their history
  • Easily assign loads to drivers or carriers, update status
  • Share shipment data with other CargoTel clients. If another CargoTel client (your customer) assigns an order to you, it is created automatically with no manual data entry. Likewise, any updates you make to the status of the order are transmitted electronically to the customer.
  • Print / Fax / Email important documents, like Bills of Lading
  • Manage customer, driver, and carrier/vendor information
  • Optional Integration to QuickBooks® Pro and Enterprise

And so much more!

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