Today’s transport companies need to make their dispatch process as efficient as possible.

How do you make the best use of available technology to lower driver costs, increase route efficiency, and improve transit times?

  • The first step is making sure that your dispatch system integrates routing, mapping and mileage calculations. This can be done by selecting a TMS (Transportation Management System) that integrates order entry and dispatch with routing and mapping technology. CargoTel’s TMS is fully integrated with both PC*MILER® and MileMaker® giving you the choice of the two best transport routing products in a seamless integration with your operations system. Integrated routing refers to the ability of a system to automatically route a load based on the optimized commercial routing, without having to open a separate routing/mapping program. This process needs to be integrated with your TMS, so that loads can be put together efficiently and quickly.

Integrated mapping allows the user to see a map display of any shipment or load.

  • The second step is to implement a driver wireless or on-board communications solution. This results in driver access to critical shipment information, including routing and mapping. It also dramatically reduces the delay in recording shipment update information to your system. It makes your dispatch operation more efficient, as many routine tasks can be handled automatically. Shipment and load updates are recorded automatically, and drivers can be dispatched wirelessly, giving valuable time back to your dispatchers for load and driver planning. CargoTel’s Driver Wireless application is offered as a stand-alone product that can be integrated with your existing TMS, or can be added as an option to CargoTel’s TMS.

Integrating routing and mapping at the driver level gives the driver complete information on the load – not just the details about where to pick up and where to deliver, but immediate access to the best route and a map display. Further, it gives dispatchers and operations personnel the ability to plot the actual driver’s route using GPS coordinates.

For assistance in choosing the right technology for your operation, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your particular situation and needs, and to recommend the appropriate solutions.

PC*MILER® is a registered trademark of ALK Technologies. MileMaker® is a registered trademark of Rand McNally, Inc.

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